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#2690 Shielded Ultra Low Capacity Microphone Cable - Braided Shield

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Shielded Ultra Low Capacity Microphone Cable - Braided Shield

Description: Constructed with white foam polyethylene insulation, braided tinned copper shield, chrome gray vinyl jacket. The low loss foam polyethylene construction has lower capacitance and attenuation than standard polyethylene mike cables - as much as 50%. This increases the effective length of cable as much as 50% without signal loss.

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C.

Cat. No.
No. of
Size Strand Nom.
Nom. O.D.
2690 1 26 7/34* 30MMF 0.114 2.90
2691 1 24 10/34 20MMF 0.180 4.57
2692 1 24 10/34 15MMF 0.220 5.59
2693 2 22 16/34 11MMF 0.295 7.49

Standard Put-Up: 100', 250', 500', 1000'.
Conductor Color Code: 1-White, 2-Black.

* 3 strands tinned copper, 4 strands tinned Copperweld.

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