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#2781 - #2782 Two Conductor Microphone Cable - Plastic Jacket

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Two Conductor Microphone Cable
Plastic Jacket

Each conductor is tinned copper with color coded polyethylene insulation. The two conductors are cabled with fillers, wrapped, and surrounded by a tinned copper braid shield and a gray polyvinyl jacket overall.

Cat. No.
No. of
Work Volt.
Nom. O.D.
2781/22 2 22 26/36 22 MMF 600 0.240 6.10

Standard Put-Up: 100', 500', 1000'.
Conductor Color Code: 1-White, 2-Black.
The 2782 line has been discontinued.   

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#2690 Shielded Ultra Low Capacity Microphone Cable - Braided Shield
Constructed with white foam polyethylene insulation, braided tinned copper shield, chrome gray vinyl jacket. The low loss foam polyethylene construction has lower capacitance and attenuation than standard polyethylene mike cables - as much as 50%.
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