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65-Watt Medical Power Supplies

If you’re in the market for a power supply, your first step is figuring out what’s most relevant to your application: How important is low noise? What kind of package do you need? Are there any MOPP or MOOP requirements?

In many applications—especially within the medical industry—some things just can’t be overlooked. And to make sure you pick a power supply with all the necessary specs, you’ll oftentimes have to settle on a power supply with a higher wattage. Using a power supply with more wattage than the device requires can both drive up prices and lower efficiency.


For medical applications that need a low wattage power supply that still meets all its necessary requirements, our 65-watt series of universal input power supplies has plenty to offer.

What MUI65 offers. The MUI65 series offers 92 percent high efficiency and 2 MOPP isolation for patient protection, all in a compact package of 2.00 x 3.00 x 1.16 inches. It delivers a low leakage current under 75µA, 2000 VAC input to output and an operating temperature range from -25 to 80°C.

These power supplies also meet the following safety standards: UL, CE and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, EN60601-1 and IEC60601-1 Third Edition, as well as RoHS compliance to 2011/65/EU. Other features include:

  • An operating altitude of 500 M
  • Protection type class 1 and class 2
  • Output voltage adjustable in single output models
  • Low standby consumption

Package options. One major benefit of our MUI65 is its many packaging options. Here’s a look at each of them, along with closer look at what they can provide for your application:

  • Open type: When applying a power supply in a closed system, room or rack, an open type is the best package option for saving space and lowering costs.
  • U chassis type: U chassis mounts have a three-sided metal case seal with no top. Sometimes, engineers add a fan to the top to keep temperatures down.
  • Enclosed type: An enclosed package is sealed with a metal case on four-sides for increased protection. It can be either independently or externally mounted.
  • Din rail type: Din rail mounts are attached to the circuit by wires, allowing you to move it from one spot to another in the case of re-design.
  • Screw terminal: Screw terminal packages are easy for application hook-up since you don’t have to specially design the board to accept the pins—you just bolt and wire it.