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Daburn Electronics & Cable

September 2015 Newsletter

In this Issue
1) Quality Certifications & UL Certifications

2) FEP Wire Products

#2420 Micro Miniature

#2423 Hook-Up UL1330

#2424 Hook-Up UL1332

#2473 10 KV DC Wire

#2475 High Voltage Wire

#2476 50 KV DC Wire

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Quality Certifications

UL Certified Styles

New Product Summary

#4633 Eco-DaFlex Wire UL 11028

DAFLEX Ultra-Flexible Miniature & Subminiature Shielded Cable

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Dear Daburn Customer,

FEP wire has many benefits including high flexibility, excellent resistance to chemicals and small diameters.
FEP wire is also able to achieve high voltage ratings without requiring thick and bulky insulation. Daburn has FEP wire that is microminiature, UL approved and rated for high voltage. Daburn FEP Wire is highlighted in this issue.

Daburn is UL certified to produce over 500 recognized UL styles of wire and cable and has ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 quality certifications.

#2420 Specification Sheet PDF

Operating Temperature:
-150°C to +150°C (silver plated copper for 200?C)

Voltage Rating: 150V.

This series is RoHS compliant.

Ultra-Flexible Microminiature FEP Lead Wire

Description: Ultra flexible high strand count bare copper conductor insulated with a 3.5 mil wall of non-hygroscopic fluoropolymer (FEP). Silver-plated copper can be substituted for a 200° C rating. Used for critical physiological and medical applications where small diameters, long flex-life and non-toxic insulations are of primary consideration. It’s designed for long usage in flow probes and pressure measuring instruments. It also withstands severe, repeated flexing in very high and low temperatures.

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50 KV DC, +200°C

FEP High Voltage Wire

Description: FEP high voltage wire is high temp, flexible, tough, Smaller diameters than other high voltage wires. Very resistant to chemicals, oils. Low coefficient of friction, low flammability, negligible moisture absorption, excellent ozone & weather resistance.

FEP High Voltage Wire 10 KV DC

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FEP HV Wire 18 - 30 KV DC

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FEP High Voltage Wire 50 KV DC

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FEP Hook-Up Wire UL1330 and UL 1332

Description: Suitable for use as internal wiring in appliances such as ovens, also in auto headlamps, mercury switches, computers and motor leads. Also suitable for immersion in gasoline; gasoline vapor; and 80°C in oil.

FEP Hook-Up Wire UL 1330

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FEP Hook-Up Wire UL 1332

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