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#1922 - #1923 Twin-Axial Cable

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Twin-Axial Cable
Description: Twin-axial cable suitable for computer applications, long or short haul transmissions; electronic cash register interconnect when high levels of noise interference may be expected.
Cat. No.
No. Of
Strand Shield
Dielectric Nom. Imp. Vel. Prop. Nom. Cap./Ft. Nom. O.D. UL Style
1922 2 20 7/28 T.C., 7/28 B.C. 95% T.C. Solid Poly 100 0.66 15.5 0.33 8.38 2498
1923 Dual 59/u 23 Solid BCW 95% B.C. Solid Poly 75 0.66 20.5 .242 x .505 6.15 x 12.83 ---

Standard Put-Up: 500 Ft, 1000 Ft.
Note: #1922 is designed for IBM system 34-5250 (Cable #736221). #1923 is designed for Wang System (Cable #420-0057).

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