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The Top Choice for Critical Electronic Applications for Over 50 Years

Daburn is a leading source of electronic products including wire and cable, electronic hardware, power supplies and DC/DC converters, electrical control systems, medical air and vacuum systems, and electronic assemblies. We have deep inventory and ship within hours from our vast warehouse stock. We offer fast turnaround for modified and custom designs.

ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100 Certified/UL Certified for Medical and Industrial Applications

We will work with you to develop a cost-effective custom solution that meets your unique requirements.

Daburn provides a broad range of electronic products from its five divisions:

Wire and Cable, Electronic Hardware from Daburn

Daburn offers both military and commercial specification wire, cable, shrinkable tubing and sleeving, and cold shrinking tape. While we inventory over 20,000 standard items, we frequently run special constructions to order. Should you need non-standard constructions, you will find our minimums to be less than the competition.

We stock our own porcelain insulators (stand-offs, feed thru, airplane, strain), plugs and jacks, fastening devices, clips and clamps, lacing cord and tape.

Power Supplies and DC/DC Converters from Polytron Devices

Polytron Devices manufactures and distributes thousands of standard models from ½ to 1,000 watts for high-end applications. We specialize in rugged products for critical applications including the medical, railway and industrial markets, as well as modified and custom solutions. We offer a full range of products, from legacy products to innovative designs for the future.

Electrical Control Systems from SICO

SICO specializes in developing and implementing custom electronic control systems for industrial, commercial and municipal markets. Applications include water booster, wastewater, house pump and fuel oil systems, plus much more. We provide a complete control system product to interface with any external device, requiring only a power connection.

Medical Air and Vacuum Systems from EMSE

EMSE is dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-quality medical air and vacuum systems for the healthcare industry. We also offer a large selection of value-added parts and components to support both our systems and the requirements of our customers.

Electronic Assemblies from Precise Circuits

Precise Circuits designs, tests and manufactures custom electronic assemblies and subassemblies. We have over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-temperature, down-hole tools for both open-hole and production logging. Our specialties include the design and development of memory tools for production logging as well as ruggedized oil-field and mining equipment.

***Many of our products can be ordered online.

For world-class technical support and customer assistance, or to place an order, contact:

44 Richboynton Road
Dover, NJ 07801
phone: 973-328-3200
Fax: 973-328-3130