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Standard and Coiled Cord

Coiled Cord

As anyone involved in the electronics industry knows, the proper wire is essential to creating reliable, on-budget projects. For the last 45 years, Daburn Electronics & Cable has been a leading supplier of specialized wire, cable and related hardware. From the retractile cable popular in the communications field to the magnet wire used for so many applications, Daburn is your best source. We stock over 20,000 ready to ship items and offer custom constructed orders with a much lower minimum than other suppliers. Daburn is ready to supply you with all of your standard and coiled cord needs. Contact us today with any questions at or 973-328-3200.

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Retractile Cable Types

Retractile Cable

Even in the era of cordless phones, there is a great deal of use for the coil style cable used for years to connect handsets to base units. This type of coiled cord is very popular in the communications industry but there are still more uses. At Daburn, you will find coiled cable rated for use as power cord and even test leads. Retractile cable is available with plastic, rubber, neoprene and even PFTE jacketing. Contact us today to learn more about our retractile cord offerings.

In addition to cable and wire, Daburn offers PTFE tubing and other necessities. We offer shrink wrap, clips and more.

PTFE Tubing and Hardware

In addition the basic wire and cable products, at Daburn you will find everything you need to adapt wire to your needs. We carry PTFE tubing and heatshrink, for example, including a 4:1 option. In our catalog you will find a wide range of hardware including:

  • Binding posts
  • Plugs and jacks, including banana and phono jacks
  • Nylon screws
  • Solder less lugs
  • Cable clamps

Daburn stands ready to supply you with all of your cable and wiring needs. We have over 20,000 commercial and military spec stock items ready to ship and can quickly create custom orders as well.

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