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Constant Current, Constant Voltage DC/DC Converters Prevent Component Damage

While many DC/DC converters maintain a constant voltage output, some devices in a design may instead call for steady current. For instance, LEDs require a constant current to prevent burn out. Other components that operate from a constant current include batteries and supercapacitors. Here are the things you need to know about DC/DC converters that provide both constant current and constant voltage (CC/CV) regulation.

Constant current DC/DC converters use a resistor and feedback loop to deliver a steady output current which is

Constant Current/Constant Voltage DC/DC Converters Prevent Component Damage

unaffected by load variations. Similarly, a constant voltage mode uses a control loop to provide steady voltage output even when load resistance varies.

Ensure Steady Power for Railway Applications

Polytron Devices’ FWB(D) Series of DC/DC converters for railway applications offers constant current and constant voltage capabilities to ensure steady power delivery. The 150W devices can operate at up to 200W with 20 percent output voltage adjustability, and the output current can operate 1.1 times and above when in CC mode. It also provides hiccup protection mode to facilitate recovery from an overcurrent condition if the output resistance is short.

The FWB(D) Series comes in a 3.68 by 2.07 by 0.067-inch wall mount package and accepts 4:1 wide input voltages of 9-36, 18-75 and 43-160V DC and provides adjustable output voltage from 12 to 48V DC with no minimum load required. In addition to offering constant current and constant voltage modes, the series also features:

  • High efficiency up to 89 percent.
  • Built-in EN55011 and EN55022 Class A filter.
  • Input to output isolation: 2,250V DC.
  • Six-sided continuous shield.
  • UL60950-1, EN60950-1, IEC60950-1 and EN50155 approvals.
  • CE Marked.
  • RoHS and REACH compliance.

Achieve Optimal Operation and Reliability

Constant current/constant voltage DC/DC converters can provide steady voltage if needed or can vary that voltage to guard against high currents, depending on your application. Polytron Devices’ FWB(D) Series DC/DC converters combine voltage and current regulation with exceptional power conversion characteristics so the components you use in your railway applications can operate with optimum performance and reliability.

For more information about Polytron Devices’ FWB(D) Series constant voltage/constant current DC/DC converters, visit our product page.