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Deliver More Power to Shrinking Medical Devices Without Sacrificing Space

When it comes to choosing a power supply for medical devices, two things come to mind. First, protect the patient from the risk of electrocution. The second is how to sufficiently power your device within a compact design. 

That’s because medical devices are adding more high-performance, power-hungry functions while also becoming more portable, moving out of hospital environments to clinics, ambulatory care facilities and even patient bedsides. One way to maximize power delivery to shrinking medical devices is to look for a high-power density power supply. Another option? Remove the power source from the unit altogether by choosing an external power supply.

High-power Density External Supplies Address Various Design Challenges

Polytron Devices’ MUI310 Series desktop AC/DC power converters provide ample power for various hospital-based instruments yet are small enough for use with at-home patient monitoring equipment. They come in a small 7.78 × 4.01 × 2.01-inch package with output voltages of 12, 19, 24, 32 and 44V DC and can deliver up to 310 watts of power. By incorporating an external, high-density power supply such as the MUI310 for their medical device, designers can:

  • Reduce device size and weight. Compact size and light weight are crucial to medical device portability, particularly if it will be placed near the bedside on a cart or inside a home.
  • Increase functionality. By freeing up design space, engineers can bolster the device’s capabilities and enhance its performance.
  • Minimize cooling requirements. When you remove the internal power supply to free up precious space, you’re also removing a major source of heat from the system.

MUI310 Series power supplies meet UL/CUL 60601-1, EN60601-1 and IEC60601-1 3rd Edition and 2 X MOPP standards, which can help ease the device manufacturer’s safety and EMC approval process. In fact, 2 X MOPP is the highest level of patient protection from electrocution. The MUI310 Series also offers:

  • An LED power indicator.
  • 4,000V AC input/output isolation.
  • Class I protection, 1,800V AC isolation.
  • 87.5 percent efficiency.
  • Active power correction.

Efficient Use of Space Yields Smarter Medical Device Designs

High-density power supplies can make efficient use of design space, and they can be especially beneficial for medical devices that are packing more functions into smaller units. In many cases, the MUI310 desktop AC/DC converter can eliminate the need for a much larger, heat-generating internal power supply, thereby making it easier to bring your medical device wherever it’s needed.

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