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Hi Temperature Cable

Hi Temperature Cable

The complex electronics of today's world depend upon a range of specialized wire and cable products. At Daburn Electronics & Cable, we supply the electronics industry with the wire they need. Although you will find a wide selection of standard military and commercial specification wire, our real strength lies in our inventory of hard to find items, such as FEP cable. In one convenient location, you will be able to find all of the wire, cable and related hardware you need for your electronics applications.

There are, for example, a number of applications that require hi temperature cable. Even devices that operate in relatively mild environments may require hi temperature wire for use near heat producing components such as power transistors. Daburn can connect you with a number of hi temperature wire solutions that will allow you to guarantee reliable operation no matter what your application.

High Performance Teflon Cable

Teflon Cable

Teflon jacketed wire is one of our most popular offerings. Teflon, or PTFE, is a high performance alternative to standard polyethylene insulation. A Teflon cable will not only have superior insulation characteristics, the higher melting point of PTFE make it ideal for high voltage uses and other extreme applications. Of course, there are many Teflon wire options in the Daburn catalog. In addition to pre-jacketed wire you will also find Teflon tubing and even Teflon shrinkable tubing. This allows you to add the superior protection of PTFE to all of your existing wire as well as connections.

FEP Cable and More

Another product from DuPont, the makers of Teflon, is FEP. FEP cable is a popular design component, partially because DuPont has designed certain FEP grades specifically to coat extremely fine wire. FEP is actually made from Teflon, so it has many of the same characteristics. If you have questions about whether you should be using FEP or Teflon cable, please contact us.

No matter what your requirements, Daburn is ready to help you find the wire and cable you need. In addition to hi temperature cable you will also find miniature cable, hardware and more. If you find that your application requires a specially constructed cable, contact we. Daburn routinely creates custom runs for our customers and we require very low minimum orders. At Daburn, we are ready to help you by providing the wire and cable essential to your products.