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How Power Supplies Help IT Equipment Handle Increasing Data Loads

Data center managers need efficient hardware to help their networks handle ever-increasing data volumes. That means the power supplies that go into rack mounted IT equipment must fit tighter space requirements within the unit. When it comes to designing a rack-level networking device, these are some of the more important power supply attributes to keep in mind:

  • Low profile. As rackmount equipment requires more data capacity and functionality, smaller power supplies allUI450Series-inlineow more room for the components that drive higher performance.
  • Power density is essential due to an increasing number of storage devices, memory, logic and I/O, which all consume power as well as space. Power supplies that can accommodate these components without taking up too much space on their own are especially desirable in today’s rackmount devices.
  • Efficiency. Power supplies should limit conversion losses to ensure more usable power for the server’s internal components. Less wasted energy means less wasted heat that would otherwise require additional thermal management measures.
  • Reliability. Rackmount equipment must run 24/7 to make data available anytime and anywhere. Network outages due to hardware failure are not an option.

Power Supply Packs Several Features Essential to 1U Enclosures
Polytron Devices’ UI450 power supplies check all these boxes and more, making them appropriate for use in rackmount devices such as servers and bulk power supplies. These 450-W devices feature a 85-264V AC universal input, adjustable output from 12V to 53V DC, 3000V AC isolation, efficiency up to 94 percent, low leakage current and standby power. With dimensions of 5 x 3 inches and a 1.58-inch height (5.83 x 3.15 x 1.60 inches, enclosed version), converters fit into a standard 1U (1.75-inch) enclosure to offer the power density today’s rackmount devices demand. UI450 AC/DC converters offer the following safeguards to ensure reliable operation:

  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Insulation protection: Class I and Class II

The UI450 family is also suitable for industrial applications and is available in a medical version (MUI450). Polytron Devices can provide the test configurations so you can be sure your device has the right mechanical arrangement to implement the power supply.

Make Efficient Use of Space and Power
When it comes to IT networks, efficient use of space and power are key to successfully meeting the workload demands that they need to address in the near future. Polytron Devices’ UI450 Series power supplies deliver space savings, power density, efficiency and safeguards that network devices require. Designers can implement these power supplies into rackmount equipment to help scale up IT networks that can manage today’s explosive volumes of data smartly and reliably.

For more information about Polytron Devices’ UI450 Series power supplies, visit the product page.