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Low Noise AC/DC Converters Power Medical Machinery

Even more so than with other machines, downtime in hospitals and other medical facilities is simply not an option. From surgical dialysis and testing equipment to patient monitoring and imaging machines, so many important medical machines need reliable power. 

But picking out a power supply that’s suitable for patient contact isn’t easy—they have to meet strict safety requirements. 

Our new series of linear medical AC/DC converters for medical applications meets these requirements, making it a good choice for such a wide range of machines. These power supplies offer many technical advantages for reliable operation where they’re needed most. 

Meets medical standards. It's not often you find a power supply that both meets medical standards and has low noise. Our new MHIA series of AC/DC converters for medical applications has a low noise of 1.0 mV RMS typical—much lower than your standard medical power supply.

Available with 5 to 250 Vdc output and either a PC mount or chassis mount with screw terminals, this series comes with an encapsulated package for rugged environments. These AC/DC converters provide 4000 Vac reinforced insulation, short circuit protection and 2 Means of Patient Protection (MOPP). In addition, this series meets EMI and EMC standards, as well as IEC 60601-1 Third Edition.

The MHIA series delivers a 2µA patient leakage current, CE certification and a regulation line and load from 0.02 to 0.2%. This series also has very low RMS output noise, an optional wide operating temperature range and available international input voltages including dual and switchable. 

Applications. These diverse power supplies are used in a variety of machines in different sectors of the medical industry. Some examples include: 

  • Surgical: Dialysis equipment, anesthesia delivery, surgical devices 
  • Patient Monitoring: Infusion pump, pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph
  • Imaging: Ultrasound, CT/MRI/X-Rays
  • Laboratory: Sterilizer, mass analysis, lab automation 
  • Diagnostics: Clinical chemistry test, microbiology test
  • Equipment: Dental, Opthomology, therapeutic devices