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Military Applications

We offer a wide variety of power supplies and related equipment through Polytron Devices, a separate division of the company. Some of our linear encapsulated power-supply equipment is designed for use in specific industries – including our military power supplies.  Polytron’s power supplies for military machinery include linear encapsulated AC-DC power modules that are compliant with international safety standards (Underwriters Laboratories in North America and Conformité Européene in Europe). These products include short-circuit protection, super-low noise, and a high isolation voltage option.

Able to Withstand Harsh Military Conditions

Since military environments are often contain hazards and rough work conditions, power supplies and related equipment need to meet high operational standards while staying reliable and strong.  At Polytron, we design out military power supplies to meet all of the relevant MIL-STD-810F specification for use in military applications. We ensure that these products pass a series of tests that evaluate their capability to withstand extreme temperatures, mechanical shock, vibration, high altitudes, and other conditions that are likely in this sector. Only after these strict tests do we approve them for sale and distribution.

Power Supplies for Military Applications


  • Military vehicles.
  • Communications systems.
  • Radar systems.
  • Guidance systems.
  • Targeting systems.
  • Sonar systems.


Technical Advantages

  • Finger safe chassis available.
  • Meets all relevant MIL-STD-810F standards.

Data Sheet

Polytron Linear Encapsulated AC-DC Power Modules
Polytron Linear Encapsulated AC-DC Power Modules
Our linear encapsulated power modules are UL, CE and CSA approved and feature a high isolation voltage option, short circuit protection & super low noise. This series offers bench adapters which are designed for all single and dual linear power supplies.
Polytron Bench Adapter
Polytron Bench Adapter
Designed for all Single and Dual Linear PC/Board Mount Power Supplies in Cases A, B, C, D (see specification sheet PDF)