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Miniature Wire Uses

Miniature Wire

One of the great technological advances of the 20th century was the microchip. This allowed electronic devices to become even smaller and more complex than their transistor and vacuum tube based predecessors. As complex electronics have become smaller and smaller, the need for smaller connectors and wiring has grown. Miniature cable must be small enough to fit into modern applications while still reliably carrying electrical signals. This can be a challenge because often smaller elements are more fragile than their larger counterparts. Miniature wire must also be small enough to fit into the miniature slip ring assemblies and other connections in modern devices.

Today, many miniature versions of familiar cables are available. It is not uncommon to find applications calling for miniature coaxial or computer cable. If you need miniature cable or wires for your applications, Daburn is ready to supply you with everything you need. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory.

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Your Miniature Cable Source

Miniature Cable

Daburn Electronics & Cable has been connecting industry with the wire and related hardware they need for over four decades. Today, we have a huge inventory that includes a wide variety of miniature wire and cable products. We carry several types of miniature hook up wire, including ultra flexible varieties. In our inventory you will also discover several types of cable, including coaxial and instrumentation cable. We even carry miniature retractile communication cords.

Remember, at Daburn we are also able to offer runs of custom built cables and wire. If you have a non standard need, even if it is a miniature cable, we can help. Our experienced staff provides you with reliable, cost effective results and we require a much lower minimum order on custom builds than other wire and cable suppliers. Learn more about our custom builds by contacting us today.

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