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For the many electronics applications that do not require a particularly high temperature tolerance or high performance insulation, polyethylene is a perfectly fine tubing solution. It performs reasonably well and is inexpensive enough to make it an attractive insulator. There are times, however, when more performance is necessary. PTFE wire is the best choice for many situations.

Although commonly used simply for its low friction properties, PTFE has excellent electronic properties as well. PTFE tubing around a wire provides excellent protection from high radio frequencies. In addition to this PTFE has a much higher melting point than polyethylene. PTFE is simply the best choice for many high voltage and high temperature applications.

When your applications call for the high performance of PTFE, you need to turn to Daburn. We have the PTFE tubing and pre-jacketed wire you need for all of your applications. We can also offer you custom building solutions for your non-standard needs.

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PTFE Wire and Tubing Solutions

Daburn carries a wide range of PTFE products. In addition to pre-jacketed PTFE wire, we also offer PTFE tubing and heatshrink. In our inventory you will find both commercial and military spec wire as well as specialty pieces such as controlled impedance flat ribbon cable. We carry standard and ultra thin walled tubing and even a 4:1 shrinkable tubing that allows you to use PTFE heatshrink on materials too small for the normal (2:1) shrink rate of similar products. Daburn has the right PTFE tubing for your application.

Contact us today if you are interested in incorporating PTFE products into your applications. Use our convenient online contact form to forward any questions about our products or custom builds. We can also be reached via email at or by phone at 973-328-3130. We look forward to the opportunity to help you with all of your wire and cable needs.

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