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Railway Applications Demand DC/DC Converters Meet Fire Safety Standards

Railway manufacturers and regulators continually strive to improve fire safety. Minimizing smoke density in the event of a train fire is critical to safe evacuation or to allow rescuers to reach stranded passengers. Because the various electronic systems that ensure reliable train operation and passenger comfort are potential fire sources, designers must make sure that the materials and components that go inside railway electronics meet EN45545 fire safety standards.


What is EN45545?
EN45545 is a European railway safety requirement that ensures the use of materials that limit fire development and produce low levels of smoke and toxic fumes. Part Two of EN45545 consists of various requirement sets that define the test methods and criteria for assessing materials’ fire behavior. For example, EN45545-2 requirement sets R24 and R25 cover printed circuit boards, and set R26 applies to small electrical products. Trains built after March 2016 must be in compliance with EN45545, so be sure the DC/DC converters and other components you choose for railway applications satisfy the standard.

Polytron Devices offers DC/DC converters that have been tested and approved to meet relevant railway standards. Its SWBR3 3-Watt and SWBR6 6-Watt Series DC/DC converters with 4:1 wide input range feature high efficiency up to 83 percent, low ripple and noise and 3,000V DC input to output isolation – all in an 0.86 x 0.36 x 0.44-inch miniature SIP package. In addition to satisfying the EN45545-2 standard, it also meets EN50155 which covers various challenging railway conditions and the EN55032 standard for EMC in information technology equipment used in railway applications. Additional features and specifications include:

  • Remote ON/OFF control.
  • Low standby power.
  • Short circuit and over current protection.
  • UL, CB, CE Marked.

Choose a DC/DC Converter With Proven Fire Performance
Efforts to improve fire safety for railway passengers and crews are always evolving, and EN45545 is setting benchmarks for the railway industry. EN45545 also creates challenges for engineers who must be certain their designs can be applied to railways in Europe and other regions with stringent railway standards. When selecting DC/DC converters for railway applications, look for devices that carry EN45545-2 certification. SWBR3 and SWBR6 Series DC/DC converters from Polytron Devices have been tested and approved to EN45545-2 so designers can be sure they can be incorporated into railway applications that demand components with optimal fire performance characteristics.

For more information about SWBR3 and SWBR6 Series DC/DC converters for railway applications, visit the product pages: SWBR3 SWBR6.