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Reliable Power Supplies For Medical Applications

Looking for a safe, reliable way to power medical equipment in hospitals, doctor’s offices or in home health care settings? Our DC-DC converters and AC-DC converters meet a precise set of safety specs and requirements, making them ideal for applications involving patient contact.

Safety first. Our DC-DC converters and AC-DC converters can safely be used for a variety of medical machines including:

  • Diagnostic and therapy equipment.
  • Nebulizers and blood pressure monitors.
  • X-Ray machines.
  • Surgical tools.
  • Defibrillators.
  • Portable ventilators.

All our medical power supplies feature a low leakage current to prevent electrical shock from direct contact with equipment.

Packaging styles for AC-DC converters. Our AC-DC converters typically come with an open frame packaging style. To better meet your power supply needs, we also offer three other options:

  • Chassis mount.
  • Enclosed type.
  • DIN rail mount.