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Resolving Heat Issues With Metal Header Heat Sinking

Linear power supplies can generate a significant amount of heat, particularly in military, scientific and industrial applications. That’s why these devices are often designed for free-air convection cooling–air flows over the unit, transferring heat away from the device and cooling it naturally.

But what happens if your linear power supply must be mounted in an enclosed case? This kind of setup restricts airflow around the supply, keeping temperatures high and decreasing the device’s mean time between failure (MTBF).

Fortunately, there is a solution.P3P5MHIA

Metal header heat sinking. Our MH suffix linear power supplies are designed with a heat sink base plate that is mounted on the inside wall of the enclosure. With the use of a heat sink compound, the supply radiates all of its heat into the enclosure and then out of the box to the outside atmosphere.

Material flexibility. It doesn’t matter if the enclosure is made out of metallic or non-metallic materials. All heat generating power supply components, mounted directly to the heat sink header, are electrically isolated. All cooling is taken care of, and the supply’s MTBF remains unaffected.

Our MH units, which pass UL safety standards, are currently being utilized in military applications for their thermal management features. They are also available in switching power supplies. You can learn more about our linear and switching power modules, including our P3/MHIA, P3 and P41 series