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Save Time and Effort With Custom Linear AC/DC Power Supplies

If you need a custom AC/DC power supply that offers low noise and ripple, simplicity, reliability and economy, chances are the ever-popular switching power supply won’t satisfy all your needs — especially when it comes to low noise. Thankfully, there are still power supply manufacturers that can provide an AC/DC linear power supply that can satisfy requirements for industrial, medical and other critical low noise applications.

Manufacturers typically focus their efforts on switching power supplies, so finding a vendor that offers custom linear supplies can be a challenge. The Polytron Devices Division of Daburn Electronics is one of a few suppliers that are committed to customizing linear power supplies. When specifying a custom AC/DC linear power supply, these are the factors to look for in a vendor:

  • A solid legacy of producing AC/DC linear power supplies
  • A commitment to AC/DC linear power supplies
  • The ability to satisfy high power requirements
  • The ability to provide many types of modifications to linear power supplies
  • Engineering expertise
  • Volume advantages to keep costs low

How We Can Tailor a Linear Supply To Your Needs

As other manufacturers de-emphasize or even phase out linear power supplies, we're building on the legacy of our P3 and P5 Series low noise, precision linear power supplies — continuously available since 1969 — by expanding customization capabilities and upgrading our original designs for medical applications.

At Polytron Devices, we're well-known for low-noise medical and industrial linear power supplies. We can satisfy a wide range of custom needs such as:

  • Providing multiple output voltages in a single model
  • Adding programmability or ON/OFF switches
  • Adding a variety of types such as open frame, desktop and wall plug-in models, in addition to enclosed units for harsh environments

We have also upgraded our power capability. Our previous offering had a range of 1 to 30 watts, maximum, while our latest supplies now cover 1 to 450 watts, maximum. Our engineering staff is available to assist you throughout the process. Simply send us your tech specs and we’ll suggest solutions for your unique requirements, create evaluation samples, safety-test the unit and help ensure regulatory approvals for IT equipment and medical equipment.

We’ll also work to get your custom unit to you when you need it while keeping costs in check. For example, transformers are the most expensive part of the linear power supply. But thanks to our strong relationships with transformer manufacturers, we have access to large quantities of transformers to get them fast and cost-effectively. We also accommodate blanket orders so you can lock in quantity pricing while receiving your product as you need it.

Saving You Time and Effort

Because most power supply manufacturers focus on switching-type supplies, specifying a custom linear AC/DC power supply has become a challenge for designers. We can meet your linear power supply needs with custom units tailored to your application. When you work with our engineers and sales support team, you’ll save time, effort and money so you can get your product to market faster.

For more information about our custom linear AC/DC power supplies, contact us.