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SICO Systems Control

Simplify your pump systems with SICO Systems Control expertise.  Utilize SICO’s experience to simplify pump operations and reduce maintenance effort and cost.

  • For 40 years SICO has been providing high quality control systems for Water Booster, Wastewater and House Pump applications.  With over 5,000 installed systems, customers rely on SICO for reliable and efficient systems control. Our systems utilize high quality parts and the latest technology to simplify our customers operations and maintenance requirements.
  • SICO is an expert at Fuel Oil Backup Systems Control.  Data Centers that require 100% reliability utilize SICO Systems Control to design, build and maintain reliable Fuel Oil Backup Systems.  Massive Data Centers used by Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Chase, Goldman Sachs and others insist on Sico Systems Control to provide reliable Fuel Oil Backup power.
  • SICO Systems Control provides control systems for numerous other industries including power, cooling tower, grinder and air and vacuum systems.

SICO Panel FrontSICO Panel InsideThe SICO Systems Control division of Daburn serves industrial, commercial and municipal markets and specializes in developing and implementing custom solutions to your electrical control needs.  We work with maintenance or facility personnel, contractors, electricians and consultant engineers to design and implement active control systems.  Our 40 years of experience in electrical and electronic control enables us to be more flexible in design and implementation.  Almost any customer need can be achieved.  We provide a complete control system product to interface with any external device, requiring only a power connection. 

We meet agreed to delivery dates.  We work with reliable component suppliers (like Square D).   We take pride in our ability to design a product to meet your specific needs and at a price to fit your budget.  We provide comprehensive assistance in system installation but each of our panels contains ample information to facilitate simple installation.

SICO is proficient and has gained recognition in a wide range applications including:

• Air Compressor and Vacuum Systems
Fuel Oil Systems
Grinding and Shredding Systems
House Pump Systems
Rain Harvesting Systems
Utility and Power Systems
Waste Water Systems
• Water Booster Systems

We also have experience in process control, lighting control, conveyer control, filtration control, water lifting tank control and temperature control systems.  For more information see our category webpages or call (973) 831-9110.