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#ST250 Daflex Stretch-N-Seal Rubber Non-Heat Shrink Tape

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Description: DAFLEX ST250 cold shrinking Stretch-N-Seal tape requires no heat to provide a secure covering where the size and or shape of an object does not permit the use of shrinkable tubing. Simply remove 2" to 3" of tape from the roll, remove the liner, stretch tape to 50% of the supplied width and wrap it spirally around the object , with a 50% overlap. In minutes the tape will react with itself to form a mass which will provide protection from moisture, most chemicals, over 1KV per mil and will operate from -40°C to 130°C.
U/L Recognized: 100°C; Weather Resistant; Cold Resistant.

DAFLEX ST250 can be removed easily without leaving any residue, since the cold shrink tape does not use a mastic or adhesive liner. Shelf-life is over 5 years. It is helpful for covering, sealing, splicing, holding bundles, joining and repair applications.

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Cat. No.
Ft. / RollColorStd. Package (Rolls)Click to Order
IndustrialP-O-S Box*
ST250-1 1" .0195" 16 BLACK 48 45 Order ST250-1A 1" .0195" 8 BLACK 48 45 Order ST250-1 1/2" 1 1/2" .0195" 16 BLACK 24 30 Order ST250-1 1/2"A 1 1/2" .0195" 8 BLACK 24 30 Order ST250-2" 2" .0195" 16 BLACK 24 21 Order
*Order as ST250P-1, for example.

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +130°C
U/L Recognized: 100°C; Weather Resistant; Cold Resistant.
This series is RoHS compliant.
Properties of DAFLEX Stretch-N-Seal Rubber Tape
Series ST250Test MethodResults
Heat Resistance ASTM-D3391-75 130°C PASS Dielectric Breakdown ASTM-D4325-83 1060V/mil @ 21°C, 38% R.H. Tensile Strength ASTM-D3391-75 1000 psi Ultimate Elongation ASTM-D3391-75 560% Chemical Resistance Acetone, Ethylene Glycol, Ethanol, Methanol, Ozone, Water Excellent Dioctyl Phthalate, Methyl Ethyl Ketone Good Machine Oil Fair Gasoline, Hexane, Toluene Poor

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