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Thermal Management For Power Supplies

To make sure your power supply runs efficiently for the long run, you need to remove heat from the device. Here are some ways that Polytron uses appropriate thermal management strategies to increase the mean time before failure (MTBF) and keep temperatures down in all our power supplies.HWB100

Potting Material. Using a thermally-conductive potting material helps dissipate heat while helping with shock and vibration. These potting materials feature a low thermal resistance and help carry heat away from the power supply electronics, improving cooling efficiency.

Forced Air Cooling. Forced air cooling speeds up heat dissipation to extend the life of our power supplies. In this method, a fan blows outside cool air across the top of the power supply. One of the biggest advantages of forced air cooling is that it requires little maintenance.

Heat Sinking. Internal heat sinking eliminates heat from inside power supplies by dispersing heat for improved efficient energy use. Bringing the heat sink to its outside surface allows for a more direct airflow to reach the direct source of heat. This method radiates heat so it doesn’t get trapped inside and over heat the power supply.

Conduction Cooling. Conduction cooling is sometimes used in our high wattage power supplies. This method mounts all internal heat sources to an isolated metal baseplate, which is then mounted to a heat sinking frame or housing.